Rental Rates

Listed Rental Rates

Room TypesAnything Is Possible Room
(96 pax - Theatre style; 60 classroom style)
The Law Of Attraction Room
(32 pax - Theatre style; 18 classroom style)
The Meta Secret Room
(32 pax - Theatre style; 18 classroom style)
Time and DurationWeek DayWeek EndWeek DayWeek EndWeek DayWeek End
9am to 6pm$400$560$240$280 $240 $280
4-hour slot (9am to 1pm / 2pm to 6pm)$240$320$140$180 $140 $180
6.30pm to 10.30pm$280$280$180$180 $180 $180
3-hour slot (9am to 6pm)$210$255$120 $150 $120 $150
3-hour slot (7pm to 10pm)$240$240$150 $150 $150 $150


Minimum 3 hrs of booking.

Week Day denotes Monday to Friday exclude Public Holiday.

Week End denotes Saturday and Sunday include Public Holiday.

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