– Where is your location?

We are located less than a minute’s walk from MacPherson MRT Station Exit B.
Our address is 16 Arumugam Road, LTC Building Block D, #05-01, Singapore 409961

– I am driving, where can I park and what is the parking rate like?

There are ample parking lots within LTC Building compound.
The rate is at S$1.12 per hour from 8am to 5pm and S$2 per entry after 5pm on Mondays to Saturdays.
On Sundays and Public Holidays, the parking rate is at 50% off above rate.

– What are your operating hours?

Our official opening hours are 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week including public holidays.

However, we can cater them to your needs. Please do contact us if you require early or late timings and we will be happy to assist

– How are you different from any other conference room providers?

I believe each provider have their own value proposition. We are focused on the values that are important to our clientele.

Accessibility and convenient location for your customers
  • – JLC Event Hub is less than a minute’s walk from the entrance of MacPherson MRT Station at Exit B.
  • – MacPherson Station is an interchange station for the Circle Line and Downtown Line.
  • – We are also just 1 station away (2 minutes) from the Paya Lebar Interchange Station on the East-West Line and 3 stations away (6 minutes) from Serangoon Interchange Station on the North-East Line.
Quiet and conducive learning environment without the distraction and noise from shopping malls and retail outlets.
Getting into and parking within CBD can be a hazard and expensive with ERP and hourly parking rates.
  •  – JLC is located outside of CBD without any ERP and the parking rate is very reasonable @ S$1.12 per hour and S$2 per entry after 5pm. And for Sunday and public holidays, the parking rate is 50% off.
No hidden cost
  • – NO GST, all-inclusive of projector, screen, whiteboard, flipchart, audio sound system, dedicated reception cum lounge area, hot and cold water, wireless internet connection and many more to make your event a success.

– I am expecting about 100 participants, will your conference room be able to accommodate that capacity?

Yes, if you require theatre style seating arrangement. Our largest room can hold up to 96 to 100 participants. If you are looking at class-room sitting arrangement, our largest room can take up to 54 participants.

– As our training hours are long, it is important for our participants to be comfortable. What kind of chairs do you provide and do I have full control of the air-conditioning in the room?

We understand your concerns as we were also once participants sitting through long hours at events. All our chairs are cushioned both on the seat and the backrest for additional comfort. Each room has its own dedicated air conditioning system that can be adjusted and controlled to suit the level of comfort for the participants.

– I need time to set up the room and prepare for my event. How much time do I have to do that?

Half an hour is usually enough for preparing for the event. We will set up the room seating arrangement in your required configuration beforehand, hence half an hour should usually adequate for you to prepare.

If you have an early session which begins at 8am or earlier, we can arrange to come in an hour earlier so that you have enough time to prepare. Arrangements can also be made for you to set up and test the equipment on the evening before the event if the room is available.

– Are participants allowed to bring food and or drinks into the training room?

We regret to inform you that all food and drinks, with the exception of plain water, are not allowed in the conference rooms. However, refreshments and catering can be consumed in the lounge area.

– Can I place a banner or any signage to guide my participants to the right room?

Yes, you can place signage at the 5th-floor lift lobby. We also provide you with an A3 sign for both the Conference room and at the Reception area. Kindly email us your design a few days before so we can print it out and put it up for you on the day of your event.

– Can I stick things or notes onto the wall?

We do not encourage sticking notes or things onto the wall. But if you need to, kindly use pressure sensitive adhesive or masking tape that will not leave marks on the wall. Let us know in advance if you need help.

– Meals are provided in our agenda. Where can I set up my catering?

Depending on the crowd size, catering can be done at the front 5th floor lift lobby. However, we would like to recommend box meals. We have quite a few good recommendations including Halal-Certified caterers. The advantage of box meal is there is no queuing, less chances of food spilling, less wastage and everyone gets a fair share of food. It is also more economical.

– Are there any hidden cost or GST that I should be aware of?

The rate is all inclusive and there is no hidden cost and GST. However, if you do need to make photocopies, there is a nominal charge of S$0.10 per copy for printing. Scanning and faxing to your computer without printing hard copies can be done free-of-charge.

– Can I take a look at your facilities first?

Of course, we welcome you and will be proud to show you around the venue. Just call us at 97897893 or 67431074 for an appointment time.

– How do I make payment to confirm my Conference Room booking and what about the balance payment?

Upon confirmation, you will place a security deposit (30% of the gross rental amount) by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
Security deposit will be refunded to the client upon completion of the lease period.
The payment for the conference room rental will be paid in full before the start of your event.

– How early can I hold my event and late can I end?

Our office can be open from 7am on special request and we can extend our closing time to 12am.

– If I book a three full day consecutive event, do I have to clear the room every day?

For security reasons, we will come in to check and lock up the room after each day. In the morning, we will unlock the room again for your event. You are free to leave your belongings in the conference room overnight at your own risk.

– What Audio Visual equipment do you provide?

We have installed state-of-the-art sound systems which come with 2 speakers, a Behringer mixer and professional wireless microphone series from Martin Roland comprise of a handheld microphone, a headset microphone and a lapel clip-on microphone system.
The overhead projector (Panasonic brand) is ceiling mounted and projects onto an electronically controlled 7-foot screen.
Wireless internet access is available complimentary.

– Very important question, what are your rental rates like?

We offer very competitive rates which start from as low as S$20 per hour.  Click here to view our rental rates.