Dressing and Grooming

Dressing and Grooming

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

 Dress and Grooming are two essential elements of non-verbal communication. They say a great deal about you and your message. They also tell your audience what you think about yourself (self-worth) and what you think about them.

1.  Dress appropriately for your audience

A good guideline is to dress up a little –be just a bit more dressy than them. In a business setting this may just mean paying attention to the colours you wear.

2.  Wear clothes that say something about your profession.

But be wary of appearing too way out. People will be suspicious of someone who looks too different. Anticipate their prejudices.

3.  Have a regular haircut so that you always look neat and clean.

4.  Remove anything from your pockets that make them bulge.

5.  Take all noisy items out of your clothes – example – change that jangles when you walk.

6.  Look for ways to use your clothes to build bridges with the audience. In the right setting a loosening of the tie, or the removing of your glasses sends a message of informality.

7.  Read fashion magazines occasionally and spend your limited clothing budget wisely. Think “trainer” when you are next out shopping for clothes.