10 Effective Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

10 Effective Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

1. Pay attention to logistics.

A poor room setup and microphone can ruin an otherwise great presentation.

2. Use appropriate humour.

Every audience expects some degree of entertainment value.

3. Address hecklers.

Hecklers in business audiences are the know-it-all that hates every speaker. Try to interview them ahead of time to get on their good side so they don’t try to undermine your presentation.

4. Reveal yourself.

To help create rapport tells some personal things about yourself, your family or even your passion.

5. Use of emotional language.

Choose your words carefully to push the emotional buttons of the audience members.

6. Use props to make points.

They break up the presentation and make your presentation more interesting.

7. Practice.

There is no substitute for practicing parts of your speech over and over until the words flow easily.

8. Move the audience to action and Involvement.

“It’s what participants do that determines effective learning” If you want them to remember what you teach them, then you must involve them actively in the learning process.

9. Research the audience

So that your comments can be absolutely targeted to them.

10. Bring solutions.

If you’ve researched your audience well, it should be easy to bring possible solutions to their problems. You will always be welcome back if you do this.